Beneficial Soil Organisms

Soil Fumigation = Soil conditions that are conducive to the proliferation of beneficial micro-organisms.

At Douglas Ag, we define SOIL HEALTH as:

Soil conditions which have reduced populations of soil pests

Favor the proliferation of micro-organisms beneficial to crop health

Have optimal soil chemical and physical characteristics

We know that some soil microorganisms, such as pests injure plant health, while others, such as beneficials promote root health.  The problem is that high populations of plant pathogenic organisms are found in many agricultural soils. 

Our growers come to us with “tired soils,” “replant syndrome,” and poor crop health resulting from poor soil health.

Douglas Ag

Chloropicrin has a long track record of efficacy against soil pathogens.

> Has been used since 1927
> Registered in over 30 countries
> Does not sterilize soil > Does not persist (residues) in the environment
> Does not leach
> Soil chemistry very well documented and understood


For our growers, Chloropicrin is the best tool for obtaining a beneficial soil environment for healthy and bountiful yields because Chloropicrin:

  • suppresses and manages soil diseases
  • promotes the growth of beneficial and native organisms
  • changes the microbial community and restores chemical, physical, and biological balance

Our Vision

To promote the most beneficial soil environment for our growers to produce healthy, bountiful crops that feed the world.

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