Soil Fumigants play an important role...

In agriculture and nursery production. Soil fumigation provides benefits to both the consumer and the grower. Yet the chemical properties that make them so effective in managing difficult-to-control soil pests and diseases require caution and proper handling. Farming chemistry — “plant medicines” — used in soil fumigation are regulated as closely as people medicines. Maybe even more so, since fumigants are also reviewed for their total environmental impact. Douglas Ag is a champion of field performance, public safety, and environmental stewardship. 

Douglas Ag is known as an industry leader
in following the stringent regulatory requirements
that protect the public’s health.

Our team of professionals are licensed and have years of experience.

Fumigations are well-planned, thoroughly documented, and strictly regulated.

Strict standards for our products and applications keep handlers, applicators, and bystanders safe.

All soil fumigants are considered Restricted Use Pesticides (RUPs) and undergo rigorous research and testing before getting label approval for usage.

“Douglas Ag: Years of Safe Use on Tens of Thousands of Acres”


Douglas Ag is committed to the responsible use of fumigants for safety and efficacy. With specific formulations, thousands of in-field application trials, and hundreds of university research studies, we are constantly striving for solutions that are “just right” – no more, no less than what is right for our customer and safe for our community.

Farming chemistry works hard to protect our food supply and health. The chemical listed below is registered in varying chemical formulations for maximum performance, safety, and environmental health. It has been listed as exempt under residue tolerance, meaning no resulting residue in or on food grown after soil treatment with this fumigant.

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